Woman of Valor DVD & Book Set

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Uncover the beautiful and powerful traits to become a world-changing woman of valor!


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Marilynn Chadwick invites you on a quest to discover just who God designed you to be!

Valor means courage under fire — strength.  A woman of valor is someone who is both a nurturer and a warrior, a leader and a life-giver!

Regardless of your “age” or “stage,” you were made and designed by God to use your gifts for the benefit of others — to share God’s grace in its various forms!

Learn how to listen to God’s voice, discern your purpose, and truly change lives.  You’ve been called for such a time as this!

Through this powerful DVD/Book package, we’ll discuss:

  • Inspirational Lessons from Proverbs 31
  • Training to become “Royalty” and how to see yourself as queens (The scriptures describe us as kings and queens who will rule and reign with Christ!)
  • How to Build Up Your Marriage and Family (A woman sets the tone, wherever she goes!)
  • How to Reach for the Stars
  • How to be fierce fighters, warriors, and lead well

Culture’s view of women can sometimes be demeaning.  But it’s possible to have balance in your life!

About Marilynn Chadwick:

Inspirational speaker Marilynn Chadwick, a former agnostic, is the co-founder of Women Under Construction — an outreach of Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where her husband pastors.  Marilynn and David have three grown children and four grandchildren.


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