Struggling Well DVD & Book Set

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Biblical and therapeutic wisdom from Dr. Antonelli!


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In this 60-minute DVD, Certified Marriage & Family Temperament Therapist, Dr. Fred Antonelli, explores the beauty of God’s wondrous love, which is based on His unconditional grace. Now, you can gain insight and learn from a provocative clinical and biblical look at questions that confront Christians, as they confront life’s difficulties, often through a veil of tears. Dr. Antonelli shares therapeutic wisdom, founded on biblical truth. This powerful DVD can help you recover from the emotional pain in your life.

Struggling Well…

Christians often ask, “Lord, why have you allowed such sorrow and pain to flood my world?” It’s not uncommon for Christians to struggle, but what happens when legalism takes control of your life? Struggling Well reveals what happens to a person when a Pharisaic mentality dominates his or her life, replacing the value of living in God’s grace. Struggling Well explores this problem and provides the answers you need to be set free.



Dr. Fred Antonelli is a Certified Marriage & Family Temperament Therapist, specializing in Crisis Marriage & Pastoral Counseling.  He is routinely sought out for his crisis marriage & pastoral “Intensive Outpatient Therapy.” Dr. Antonelli is also the Founder & President of Life Counseling Center Inc. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Debbie, for forty-one years.


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