Rebuilding the Altar DVD & Book Package

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Here Is How to Find Intimacy with God.

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Do you long for a closer walk with God? Do you sometimes feel like He is far away? Has this ever been your experience? Even when you read the Bible and pray, does God seem remote and distant?  

If so, there is a reason why. It’s because many have forsaken the altar—the place where Almighty God is found. In Rebuilding The Altar (DVD & Book), Pat & Karen Schatzline passionately challenge you to return to the altar. It’s not just a physical location in the church. Instead, it is a daily encounter with Jesus Christ. Once you have been there, once you have experienced His presence, your life will never be the same.

 Pat and Karen Schatzline are international evangelists and authors who co-lead Remnant Ministries International and the “I Am Remnant” Movement. They are known for their passion to lead people of all ages into deep encounters with God. They are frequent guests on Christian television and radio shows and have written several books, including Why Is God So Mad at Me?I Am RemnantDehydrated, and Unqualified.  Married since 1990, they make their home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Package Details:
1 DVD (60 Minutes) – Featuring Pat Schatzline
1 Book (256 Pages) – Featuring Pat & Karen Schatzline


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