One Nation Without Law

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There's No Need to Be Rattled by Our Society's Decline


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DVD & Book Package

Did you ever think you would witness such rapid deterioration in our country and in the world? Seeing this causes alarm in most Christians. Many of us have become frozen by fear and have sunk into hopelessness. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Did you know that everything that is happening has been foretold and that you can still live filled with hope?

In Phil Hotsenpiller’s powerful Real Life Coaching DVD, One Nation Without Law, he explains that all authority is given by God for the good of society. When we operate within the law of God, we can be our best. In this poignant conversation, Phil connects the dots between biblical prophecies and the lawlessness that is rampant in our times. Then, Phil teaches how to be victorious, regardless of what is happening in America.

Pastor Hotsenpiller also touches on the subject of “spiritual identity theft.” It can be so easy for us to believe the lies of the enemy, when we are constantly bombarded with them. To combat this, we need to be solid in our Christian identity. Satan’s power only comes when we choose to believe his lies, rather than the truth of who we are in Christ. This DVD is a must for those who want to live in victory. Topics include:

  1. The Problem of Lawlessness
  2. The Anti-Christ: Man of lawlessness
  3. Does Evil Repeat Itself?
  4. The Power of Hope in a Lawless World

Today’s Headlines Are Actually Prophetic Fulfillments

In this insightful and poignant book, One Nation Without Law, pastor and End-Times expert, Phil Hotsenpiller, provides you with the links between biblical prophecy and current events. After reading One Nation Without Law, you will never again avoid the news or despair over it. Instead, you will look forward to it, knowing you can respond out of faith, hope, and love. Plus, it will help you to make our world a better place until the return of Jesus Christ. This is something all Christians desire.

Bio: Phil Hotsenpiller is a pastor and expert in the field of End-Times prophecy, where he has been interviewed by the Washington PostUSA Today, CNN, Christian Post, Telegraph, and Fox News. He lives with his wife, Tammy, in Orange County, California, where he serves as senior pastor of Influence Church.


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