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In this powerful Real Life Coaching DVD, Don Black sits down with Steve Greene to discuss a powerful biblical concept about leadership—Love Leads. They talk about how critical it is to allow love and the Holy Spirit to guide you every day. The helpful tips in this series will cause you to think about how you communicate with others.

Steve says, “Managers do things right. True leaders do the right things. There is a difference.” Steve teaches us to be mindful of our own “Body of Work.” Your reactions and attitudes moment-to-moment are what truly matter. Leaders need to love as God love us—where people are, not where you wish they were.

To Lead Effectively, One Must Love.

There are thousands of books that have been written about leadership, but nearly all miss the mark about one key aspect—effective leaders must love. Tenured business professional, Dr. Steve Greene, explains what that means, in detail, in his newest book, Love Leads. To be effective and successful, leaders must love. If they do not love, they must learn how to love, which Love Leads teaches to those in leadership positions.

Love is a verb frequently missing from books on leadership. Because it is absent, it has robbed well-meaning leaders of what they need to be effective. Greene’s groundbreaking teaching on leadership conveys the true essence of love, and how it directly influences the growth and success of all companies, regardless of how large or how small.


Dr. Steve Greene, publisher of CharismaMinistry Today, and SpiritLed Woman magazines, received his PhD in marketing from Memphis State University. His impressive list of marketing clients includes, McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube, and Stanley Steemer. The owner of restaurants and a national advertising agency, Dr. Greene has served as the dean of the College of Business and professor of marketing at Oral Roberts University. He is a nationally known speaker and trainer in the fields of marketing and customer relationship management.


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