Living the God-Breathed Life DVD & Book Set

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There’s room at God’s table for you …  Learn how to let go of your burdens and meet Him face-to-face!


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Your Place Is Set At His Table!

 Living the God-Breathed Life is more about becoming rather than doing.   Through this fascinating 60-minute DVD, Don Black and Thom Gardner explore the topic of peace — the type of peace that surpasses understanding!

Discover the truth about the shalom of God, and how to enter into His Rest!

Learning to be present with Christ at His table of bounty brings you a life full of peace, power, and presence.  You are invited to dine in His presence, let go of all your burdens, and meet Him face-to-face for a heart-to heart relationship.

Companion Book:

Companion book Living the God-Breathed Life reflects a Jesus worldview that disdains religious zealotry and mere orthodoxy in spiritual experiences.  It is divided into three inspirational parts: The Conversation—spiritual conformation; The Table—personal transformation; The Encounter—with your living Christ.

The God-Breathed life removes “What if”, “I should” and “ought to” and invites us to a more face-to-face and hands-on experience of God!


Dr. Thom Gardner has ministered as a Bible teacher or pastor since 1986, and is now President of Restored Life Ministries, Inc., a ministry dedicated to spiritual growth and healing.  He has authored several books including Healing the Wounded Heart, Relentless love, Living the God-Breathed Life, The Healing Journey, and Everything That Grows.


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