Intentional Christian: What to do when you don’t know what to do

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Learn the Keys to Discovering God's Will!

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We all want our lives to be fulfilled—to be everything Christ called us to be.  We want to leave our mark on the world for Him, but how do we get from where we are to where we want to be? This is why having Daniel Ryan Day’s DVD, Intentional Christian:  What to do when you don’t know what to do, is so important.  In this insightful DVD, Day addresses “Common Calling” versus “Specific Calling,” “What is Righteousness,” and several other key topics.  You will want to watch each powerful segment numerous times.  Best of all, whenever the need arises, whenever you are uncertain about the Lord’s leading, you will have this important reference tool available to help guide you.

There is a lot of pressure on young Christians to figure out how to make the best of their lives, especially as it relates to choosing an occupation.  Day understands this and provides clear differentiation between “specific callings” and “common callings.”  This, coupled with many other insights, will help the viewer become the “intentional Christian” he or she needs to be.

Book Description

Discovering God’s will for your life is something every Christian desires, which is why you need Daniel Ryan Day’s helpful new book, Intentional Christian.  It provides insight, wisdom, and a strategy to help all Christians, regardless of where they are in life, to be able to discern God’s will.  Intentional Christian is a “must read” for those who seek to find fulfillment by serving God in all things.

Daniel Ryan Day is an author, speaker, and blogger who spent many years trying to figure out what God’s call on his life really was. His search for answers, accompanied by the pursuit of a master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, led him to discover that God reveals every Christian’s broader calling within the pages of Scripture. Daniel’s first book, Ten Days Without, was featured on several nationally syndicated programs, including Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson. Daniel and his family live in North Carolina.

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