In Step with the Spirit

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The Power of Walking in the Spirit —
DVD & Book Package!


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DVD & Book Package

Join Sarah Bowling and Don Black, as she discusses being In Step with the Spirit. In this insightful DVD (60 Minutes), you will learn how the Holy Spirit can be a vital part of every relationship and situation you face in life—from your mountaintop experiences to your daily hardships.  He will open and close doors for you, carry your burdens, and routinely release His supernatural power into your life.  You will learn the difference between being saved and being filled with the Holy Spirit, and this will make your life much more fulfilling.  Segments include:

  1. Spirit-Led Direction
  2. Having a Supernatural Family
  3. Defying the Impossible
  4. Sidestepping the Landmines

Day-to-Day Life Walking in the Spirit 

In Sarah Bowling’s poignant book, In Step with the Spirit, she reveals how the Holy Spirit can be a vital part of every relationship and situation you have in life, from the most profound to the most distasteful. This warm and encouraging book is a must read.


Sarah Bowling is the founder of Saving Moses, a global humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing infant mortality around the world. She does this by supporting orphanages, malnutrition clinics in Africa, and developing night care centers in Asia. This gives children and infants the chance to live and flourish by assisting with physical, medical, food and water needs.

Sarah and her husband Reece have three children, and are Senior Pastors of Orchard Road Christian Center in Denver, Colorado. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in German from Oral Roberts University, and Master of Arts in Modern History from the University of Missouri.


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