Call for Courage Book & DVD Package

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Join the Movement! Learn how to stand strong in our faith!


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Are you a hero?

Do you stand up for what’s right, even when it’s not popular?  Special coach Michael Anthony sits down with Don Black for a conversation about how to be courageous.

No one is born with courage. It is something we have to develop. Michael defines the term for us as “the intersection of truth and love.” (Using one without the other is not what God calls us to do. They must travel together to be effective tools for God’s Kingdom.)

 Stand Strong!

Through Michael’s debut book, A Call for Courage, and the companion DVD, you’ll discover how to live courageously with humility no matter what you’re facing.  Uncover how to stand up for your faith in an increasingly hostile world.

About Michael Anthony:

Michael is a popular speaker and blogger, and is the founder and president of Godfactor®.  His work has been featured in major publications and news outlets across the country.


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