7 Laws Which Govern Divine Increase & Order

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Divine order and increase can be yours! Learn the necessary steps to realize your God-given potential.


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Through this powerful DVD and Book, author Neil Kennedy shares life-changing Biblical truths to help you achieve order in your life, finances, and faith!

Now you can discover how to fulfill God’s purpose for your life by using the laws set forth in God’s Word.  Uncover …

  • The Law of Seed
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Hospitality
  • The Law of Reflex
  • The Law of Mutual Benefit
  • The Law of Faith to Follow
  • The Law of Order

Plus, Grace to Grow!

Don’t waste another minute!  Learn how to have more of God’s best in your life and realize your God-given potential.  Get ready to experience God’s harvest in your life as you implement His laws.  This teaching will impact your life — the way you act and think!

About Neil Kennedy:

Neil Kennedy is an author, speaker, and founder of FivestarMan.  His straightforward communication style has inspired thousands.  Neil has passionately promoted God’s Word for over 30 years.


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