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Israel: The Prophetic Connection

Sunday, 12:30 AM
Sunday, 9:30 PM
Tuesday, 5:30 AM
Tuesday, 3:30 PM

In this new and exciting fifth season of Israel: The Prophetic Connection, host Rev. Dr. John Tweedie teaches on the prophetic ‘signs’ that Jesus of Nazareth said would point to the nearness of His Second Coming to earth. Each episode of Signs of the Times will focus on specific signs Jesus gave, asking if, or where, these signs are evident in the world today.

Through vivid images, on-site teaching, and captivating interviews with pastors, rabbis and scholars, viewers will feel the pulse of our prophetic times as world events are considered against a biblical backdrop of God’s plans and purposes for Israel and the nations.

 Israel: The Prophetic Connection is a production of C4I Ministries.

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