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“Feast of Pentecost” Specials!

“Feast of Pentecost” Specials!

June 10, 2019 @ 1:00 PM

Learn about the significance of Pentecost for modern believers with Rabbi Jeff Kipp, Nathan Purro, and Curt Landry.  Don’t miss out as Pastor Gary and his guests guide you through the celebration of one of the most important feast days of the Bible — the day when the Lord chose to pour out His Spirit on believers and usher in signs, miracles, and wonders!

Watch June 10-14 (Monday-Friday) on Cornerstone Television, during the Real Life Airtimes (1 PM & 8 PM/ET).

Other airtimes also include:

• Rabbi Curt Landry – June 9 @ 1 PM/ET
• Rabbi Jeff Kipp – June 9 @ 5 PM/ET