Submit Your Student Film!

Submit Your Student Film!

One of the most popular segments of the World-Wide Worship interACTIVE show is the Student Film/Short Film segment.  This is a segment dedicated to the storytelling abilities of you, our viewer.

Are you creative?  Do you have a story to tell, got a video camera, have some computer editing software?  Then you can create a video and tell us a story!  You do not have to be Cecil B. Demille or Steven Spielberg to produce a powerful video!  Use a series of pictures edited together with a narrative or with music to tell a story…. Make a mini-movie or mini-documentary.  Edit together some video that you’ve shot and gathered to tell us a story of God’s impact on your life!  Show us a skit that you and your friends have written, put it to video, and share your creative expressions with us.

Did you ever consider editing some of that video sitting around your house from a missions trip.  You can turn that video into a story about the amazing events that you’ve experienced sharing God’s Word in a foreign land!  Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

“Worship” is not just a hymn or a song that is sung to a congregation.  It can be a video that tells us how God is touching lives in your world through the power of images and media.  It can be a story to inspire others to reach out to the world with the love that God has given so freely to us.  If you have an idea for a short 2- to 3-minute (or longer) video, won’t you consider giving us a call?  Let us help you get your Student Film/Short Film on our show.  What an opportunity to impact the world with your creativity!

E-mail us at , or call us at 412-824-3930 and ask for Doug.

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A simple visual study and commentary of the amazing gift that we have been given in the use of our hands, and how the hands of others have and do affect us and our lives. This film was shot on an inexpensive DV cam and edited by putting cut back to back on a simple time line.

Fight the Good Fight

A compilation of various Mixed Martial Arts competitions and training sessions put to Vivaldi’s Et In Terra Pax to create a rather unique perspective of a popular and aggressive sport. This film was shot on an inexpensive DV cam. The footage was strobed, affected with noise, desaturation and edited by putting cut back to back on a simple time line.

The Difference

This is a student film that was produced by animating still images on a single layer time line in Movie Maker edited and driven by the lyrics and flow of a musical selection. Even without a video camera, a very interesting and effective short film can be produced to convey a powerful and thought provoking story.


The short essay “IF” was produced into a short video film/production using a straight voice-over, a simple music pad and animated still images with the exception of actual ultrasound video. Even in the absence of video material, a stimulating and thought provoking video film/production can be produced, with the ability to keep the attention of a viewer. “IF” was merged with the show open and theme definition to create a continuity that would best tell the story in a conclusive and interesting way.

Prejudice is NOT cool:

A simple animation of shapes and words, choreographed with music to make a very simple but clear point.


This is a powerful film that presents quite a thought provoking dilemma to the Christian…do you really have it in you?


Do you have some favorite songs that always play in your head over and over again, you know, those choruses or catch phrases that have been part of your life? This film cleverly puts powerful images to such choruses and catch phrases…once you’ve watched this film, you will never hear these songs in the same way again…enjoy this film and it’s powerful message many times…you will not tire of it!

The Prodigal:

Two brothers from Texas wrote the script, shot the video, were their own actors and presented this very powerful student/short film, and ended up winning an award for their efforts. Do you have a story to tell? Do you see a story in your head? Why not give this a shot…take a look at this film a couple of times and see how the producers tell a very powerful story through the viewfinder of a video camera.

Jesus Calms the Storm:

Another amazing student film/short film produced in the absence of video cameras and expensive high-end editing equipment. Single frame images were created in Microsoft Paint and then animated on a time line in Movie Maker to become alive and to tell a very powerful story with a humorous twist that has a “South Park” look to it…very clever and very well done.

Mombasa Street Kids:

Can you imagine being a college student, swamped with studies, pursuing a career, following the “American Dream”, to suddenly be presented with the reality of other young adults half way around the world, living in a totally different environment where daily survival does not mean passing exams and writing book reports, but rather on how to live and survive moment by moment. A life where the goal to existence is trying to find out how to make it for another hour, for another day, plain and simple. This film is a powerful story of a college students realization of the world around her, and God’s hand in her perspective of life and of her purpose to impact the lives of others.

Tithe Rap:

An amazing compilation of lyrics and choreography to make an impacting point on a rather challenging topic.