Norma and Don on SetThanking God — and Remembering Norma!

What are you thanking God for in this season?

A husband or wife. Children and grandchildren. Parents and grandparents. Friends, co-workers, neighbors. A nation where we can worship and honor God freely. A warm bed to sleep in and good food to eat …

If you’re like me, the list can go on and on!

This year — one of Cornerstone’s most powerful and anointed years of ministry yet — I find myself particularly grateful for our beloved co-founder, Norma Bixler (who went to be with the Lord on October 26)!

I’ve had the great privilege of working with Norma and of carrying on the important, Kingdom-minded work she and her husband Russ began over 36 years ago, when Norma received a God-sized vision …

Norma told me the story many times — how sitting in the lobby of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which was still a fledgling network at the time, she heard a clear call that God wanted her and Russ to build a Christian television network back home in Pittsburgh. I thank God for Norma’s vision.

And as Norma and Russ began pursuing this call together, they faced countless obstacles — financial problems, legal problems, health problems, personal problems, logistical problems. But no matter what the Enemy threw at them, Norma and Russ persevered through each challenge with remarkable courage and tenacity. I thank God for Norma’s commitment.

A true trailblazer, Norma was daily obedient to carry out the mandate God gave her — even after Russ went home to be with the Lord. She was a faithful prayer warrior, a mentor to CTVN staff and viewers alike, a community leader, a gracious hostess, and a wonderful mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I thank God for Norma’s obedience.

Out of Norma’s faith — her unwavering belief in the God who called her — He has blessed not only the Bixler family, but the Cornerstone family she and Russ began. I’m convinced that the answered prayers, miraculous healings, financial breakthroughs, and fruitful ministry we’re seeing even to this day are all a bountiful harvest from the seeds of faith Norma and Russ sowed early on. I thank God for Russ and Norma’s faith.

For these, and the myriad of other things Norma accomplished — both seen and unseen — I thank God. And I know that you do as well.

Donald Black

Cornerstone Network

PS, Don’t forget to join Cornerstone Network on October 26, for the Thanksgiving edition of Real Life — 9 AM ET and 8 PM ET! Happy Thanksgiving!