A Time for New Beginnings!

Spring is for planting seeds and then patiently waiting for new growth. When spring fully comes, new life bursts out!

This brings to my mind a parable Jesus told about a sower — a farmer who spread seeds on various types of “ground” or soil. See Matthew 13:1-23. In the spring of His second year of ministry, Jesus left His home in Capernaum. He saw the multitudes gathered to see Him at the Sea of Galilee, and went out to a fishing boat. There He taught the Parable of the Sower.

Later, in private, Jesus explained to the disciples what he meant by each of the types of ground that the sower’s seeds fell on. Jesus wasn’t talking about actual seeds being planted. He was teaching about how people received the Rhema of God’s Word. Some “seeds” landed in unusual places.

 • ON THE WAYSIDE… they fell on the roadway or in a heart that was busy with this world’s traffic. The Greek word for understand means “to set in place.” When we hear God’s revealed Word, but focus only on life’s details — and don’t make a place for His Word to settle — the devil comes and steals it. When this happens, the seeds of faith will not grow.

• ON STONY GROUND… they fell where there was not much topsoil. The stones are distractions that limit the amount of good ground for the seed to grow fruit. When adversity in life comes, as it always will, the heart becomes discouraged and quits.

• AMONG THE THORNS… where worry and false hope grows. Jesus was warning about not allowing this world’s system to choke God’s supernatural way of living. When a person isn’t willing to put God’s truth to work, the natural mind takes control and limits their ability to receive God’s promise.

• ON GOOD GROUND… growing and reaping an eternal harvest. When the revealed Word of God falls on those who are ready to hear and act on it, each person is able to produce fruit, and then receives a supernatural harvest in their lives.

We believe that this is the season for God’s breakthrough — a time for us to become the good ground of faith! He wants us to produce fruit!

We don’t see immediate results when good seeds are planted in good ground. It takes time and tending for them to finally peek through. The same thing happens when the living word of God is planted in our hearts. On this earth, we may never know the role we had in the salvation of many people. But that shouldn’t stop us from sharing the love of Jesus.

First, let’s make sure our own hearts are “good ground.” Second, as we share God’s love with others, let’s hold steadfast to God’s promises — and expect a bountiful crop!

Donald Black

Cornerstone Network