A Fresh Start … New Beginnings!
Don posed with bibleThat phrase seems out of place right now … and yet — maybe because vacations are over, school is back in session, and many families are returning to “normal life” after a summer break — it feels like a whole new season. A rebirth. A renaissance.

That’s how it is here on Cornerstone Mountain too. Our summer was tremendous! We produced and brought together a special group of Christian speakers and television networks to create the In God We Trust broadcast.

This month the television special will begin running all across America, calling Christians to pray, fast, and commit to voting this November. As you know, this election season is very important to our nation, and we must push back evil with spiritual warfare, while at the same time preparing to vote and encouraging others to do so too.

Our goal for In God We Trust is that 100 million American families will have the opportunity to watch the special. Of that number of potential viewers, we believe at least one million Christians who didn’t vote in 2012 will do so in November.

We can take back our nation and return to the biblical values and morals that have made America the greatest nation in the world!

Friend, pray for our In God We Trust special to carry God’s anointing, and please pray it will reach the goals that He has set for it.

On another front, our new programming season begins this month. I have to tell you that it is our best one ever. Your favorite programs are back and brand new!

Real Life, Sister 2 Sister, Origins, Hard Questions, and others. Plus we have added Night Life – with Tim Burgan, new movies, and other faith-building series. God has blessed CTVN with a talented staff and a lot of favor!

Finally, I want to remind you that the 70th Year of Jubilee is ending in the middle of next month. You and I need to finish this very special year strong.

For this reason, we have scheduled a week of special, prime time programming from September 19 through 25 called In God We Trust/Revival Time. It is a six-night time of revival, featuring some of my favorite preachers; Larry Huch, Steve Munsey, Coy Barker, and others. I can’t wait! I need a fresh touch from God … and I am sure you could use one, too.

No wonder September feels like a brand new year! I pray that no matter what you are facing in life, this month will be a Renaissance in your mind, body, and spirit.

Donald Black

Cornerstone Network