Love’s Long and Winding Road!
Don posed with bible

 On August 17, 1984, I met someone who would change my life. But before I tell you that story, I need to let you know a little more about where I was in life in those days.

Six years earlier, while sitting around a roaring campfire on a central Pennsylvania farm, I made a lifelong commitment to follow Jesus and make Him the Lord of my life. Christian singer Keith Green had just challenged nearly 15,000 young people (attending Jesus 78) to make an intellectual decision to surrender to Jesus. His “no compromise” message touched me, and that is how I got to the campfire. Pat Robertson also spoke at the festival, explaining the importance of Christian television as a Kingdom-building tool. So later that week, I drove to Virginia Beach, VA, to apply as a student at Pat’s graduate communications school.

They accepted me, and even offered me a job working for CBN. But my excitement soon gave way to a ‘Holy Spirit adjustment.’ Out of the blue, God spoke to my spirit from 2 Timothy 2 —I was not to go to CBN. Even though the doors were open, God made it very clear. This sudden revelation caused great sadness and disappointment. Why did He shut the door? There was no answer. So back I went to my old life, feeling like an innocent child who was being unfairly punished.

Fast forward six years when the Holy Spirit led me to re-apply to Regent University. Other than being older, and perhaps a little wiser, nothing else had changed. I had been working in secular broadcasting all along, and I was committed to ministry work in my church and our city. Again I was accepted, but this time I had a deep peace about moving across country.

On August 17, 1984, I pulled up to the university with all my worldly possessions loaded into my Toyota. The school didn’t have on-campus housing, so they had assigned a staff member to help new students find roommates and apartments. The person I met that afternoon was Teri Peters — my future bride.

She and I have been married 26 years, have four wonderful children, and she is my co-host for life (on and off the Real Life program)! God’s love and plan saved me from missing meeting Teri when He stopped me from going to CBN in 1978.

As we celebrate love this month, please be comforted by His supernatural love. It never fails and produces results! Let’s be patient; God isn’t done with us yet!


Donald Black

Cornerstone Network