Celebrate America’s Birthday — and God-Given Purpose!

240 years old is young!Don posed with bible

It sounds strange, I know — but as America celebrates her 240th birthday this month, I am amazed at how young we are as a nation.  Just think — England began in 1089, France in 1535 … not to mention China or Egypt, which both date back thousands of years before Christ!

 America is just a baby in comparison … yet our great nation has done so much to change the world. We’ve led both the industrial and technological revolutions.  Our military might has saved the world from evil domination at least twice — and our diplomacy untold numbers!

Most importantly, God created the United States for His special purposes.

When you look across the history of nations, only two were sovereignly birthed and established by God.

  1. Israel. (Interestingly, I am writing this article from Israel, where Teri and I are visiting for the very first time!) This “Promised Land” was given to the Jews by God in the days of the Old Testament — and He’s even given it back to them in more recent history. Israel’s purpose was (and is!) to bring God’s Kingdom to this earth through Jesus.
  2. The United States. God’s hand is clearly seen in the formation of America — and in keeping us together as a nation.

 You may ask, “What was God’s purpose for America?” Just as He designed Israel to bring the Good News to earth, He has created America to accelerate the Great Commission.  As Jesus told His disciples, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

When you understand America in this way, it’s so obvious why America has been blessed and grown so strong. It’s also clear why we are under constant spiritual attack.  Satan and his minions know the Scripture — and they don’t want the end to come.

But until then, our mission as Christians — and as a nation — is not over.

So as you celebrate our nation’s 240th birthday this Fourth of July, let’s remember that we still have work to do — a Great Commission to complete.  And let’s lock arms together, through Cornerstone, to continue boldly preaching the gospel into all the world — by the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God!


Happy Birthday, America! May God bless you!

Donald Black

Cornerstone Network