Join Norma’s 700

Join Norma’s 700

Norma Bixler

Norma Bixler

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Hello Friends,

I am so pleased to present a new opportunity to partner together in ministry!  Of course, you know that Cornerstone TeleVision was founded on prayer.  Over 33 years ago, seven ladies (six special friends and I) got together to pray CTVN on the air!

Now, President Don Black is bringing us back to that foundation.

Join me as a part of Norma’s 700 — men and women joined together in prayer.  When you become a part of the team, I will call or email you with prayer requests and praise reports.  We will be praying together for God’s direction, our leadership, our viewers, new salvations, and more!  Sign up and download the Norma’s 700 Prayer Fact Sheet with the short form below.  Or call our prayer partners at 1-888-665-4483 and ask to join Norma’s 700 Prayer Team.

We need you!  Cornerstone TeleVision started through prayer, and it will continue to grow through the power of the Holy Spirit and through prayer.

–   Norma Bixler

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