You’re Invited/Come Join Us

You’re Invited/Come Join Us

Are you promoting a Christ-centered event?

You’re Invited (spots airing on WPCB-TV40 Pittsburgh, WKBS-TV47 Altoona/Johnstown) and Come Join Us (spots airing on W07DP-D35 Harrisburg) are free 10-second text screen promotions!  Use the form below to submit your special Christian public event to Cornerstone Network!

(Full-scale commercials and ways to promote regular church services are also available.)

Please enter your event information exactly how you want it to appear on air.  Make sure to include: 

  • WHAT the event is
  • WHERE it is being held
  • WHEN it is being held

Your name and email address are needed for us to contact you.  Your personal information won’t be used in the promo (unless you request it in the short description).

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