About At Home with Arlene Williams
Arlene Williams, host of Cornerstone Television's At Home with Arlene Williams, has been on television weekly, for the last fourteen years in more than 100 markets across America, and in New Zealand, Australia, Eastern Africa and Jamaica. Arlene has been cooking up her special recipes of delicious and easy to prepare foods and giving helpful hints, spiced with lots of home-spun wisdom and heartfelt family values. At Home offers a variety of shows with special guests, seasonal offerings and recipes even the beginner chef can make with ingredients everyone has on their shelves. Most of all, Arlene makes cooking fun and stresses that it is a family time — a shared activity for everyone to enjoy.

A native of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, Arlene started cooking when she was nine years old. Born into a Pastor's home, she learned very early what it meant to entertain and prepare good tasty meals for very special guests. Her mother taught her well and encouraged her to "try" recipes that seemed difficult. Much patience and love on her mother's part turned Arlene into an accomplished cook, something her father and brothers benefited from greatly.

Arlene got her start in television as a producer for Cornerstone Television and after years behind the camera producing Getting Together, the flagship program, Arlene stepped into the creator/producer/host position of a new cooking show, At Home with Arlene Williams. From its debut on Cornerstone TeleVision in July 1991, the show was a success, attracting viewers from all over America and from all demographic groups. Attractive to women and men, young and old, and children too, Arlene's show has generated 3,000-4,000 requests for recipes per month, and thousands more during holiday seasons. Arlene has written three cookbooks which have sold over 50,000 copies along with a holiday video. Arlene has become a household word among viewers looking for easy and nutritious recipes to make as demonstrated by a host with a most pleasing personality!

At Home helps viewers get ideas for dinner and feel like they have spent time with a friend, sharing memories and thoughts about what makes "home" so special. There are no fancy gadgets. No unusual ingredients. No "kitchen performance anxiety" or "chef intimidation." Just good, basic, everyday home-cooking that Arlene makes fun, easy and achievable by anyone who's willing to try.

Arlene, one of three children, has been married for thirty-six years to husband Paul, and together they enjoy many activities in their church and community.